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The Markers

The Marker Stones surround the entire settlement. View astrological legend.

There is summer solstice sunset stone.

Throughout the site pathways have been cleared to allow the visitor to stand on a platform in the heart of the ruins and view each of seasonal marker stones. It is like standing inside a giantic calendar.

There are also a maze of stone walls running throughout the sitee. The purpsoe has been speculated to be anything from drainage for agriculture or defense.



Samhain Stone and marks the end of the Celtic calendar at sunset.

Below is the True North Stone that lines up with the North Pole. there are four sister stones on both sides of this Monolith that mark the extreem orbits of the Pole star, which was Thuban around 2000 BC. (One of the sister stones has been displace.)


This is the Bealtaine marker stone, not to be confused with the Beltain Stone which contains Celtic Ogham symbols and sits in the visitor's center. It is way off into the distance, but is the small dark image in the middle of the photo. This photo helps you get the feel for the distance that these stones stand from the main settlement.

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