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Not only are the ruins that enhabit a hill top in North Salem, New Hampshire, significant with regards to the esitence of ancient Celtic peoples having lived in the North American continent, but these ruins are also significant as an ancient astrological calendar.

Radio-carbon dating at this site has shown it to date back to 3475 BP (Bristlecone Pine), which is equal to 1525 BC. It is one of the largest and oldest megalithic sites in North America. In addition to the megalithic ruins, there have been found ogham writings, symbolic carvings of the Celtic sun god Baal (Bel) and "the eye of the goddess." Artifacts on the site range from Celtic to Phonecian, through to modern times. The whole site is built out of granite rock, which the Celts were fond of using.


Originally the site was built in a hilltop that was surrounded by a swampy marsh. There were no or very few trees. There was an abundance of granite rock. This settlement could have seen for miles in any direction. It has fortress like qualities.

This site also has a more contemporary history as an important piece of America's Underground Railroad. From 1825 - 1855, a man named Jonathan Pattee and his wife owned the land this settlement is built upon. He had actually built his home over the area we have labeled #1 on the above legend. The ruins on this site were not as visable as they are today. It was a perfect place to hide the run away slaves for a night as they made their way north to Canada. An old pair of iron shackles have been recovered from this site.

The area we call the lower henge and labeled #1 was significantly altared by Pattee. He rearranged stone walls to form a foundation wall for his house. Archeologist can easily distinguish Pattees rock work from the original walls. Pattee's walls are unstable and have been braced as you will see.


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Missing from the legend are the marker stones and the Watch House. The settlement has a water well, a natural clay bed and a few spirits still roaming about. We have marked the spirits in the photos for you.

Any white markers you see in the photos are related to the self-guided tour and interpretive guide book. The best time to visit America's Stonehenge is in the fall when the leaves are turning colors. It's magnificent!


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