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#1 The Lower Henge/ Pattee Area

This portion of the settlement is very unstable. It has been altared because of earthquakes, quarrymen looting and because Jonathan Pattee built his house on top of this portion of the ruins. Pattee also restructured this area to fit his own needs.

Pattee was not a skilled stone mason and as a result you can see the braces that have had to be applied to the structure in the photo on the right.

It is believed that there was once a large structure in this spot that would have severed as the "large room." In 1959, ancient steps were rediscovered that lead researchers to believe this portion of the settlement served as a ceremonial center.






The lower chambers also include a chamber in ruins. While most of the photo on the left shows the area where the "large room" stood, up on the top of the photo you begin to glimps the fallen chamber.



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