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#3 The Fallen Chambers

Below is an overview photo of the area we are calling the Fallen Chambers. This area has been altared becuase of looting by stone quarries and as a result of earthquake damage. Yet, it serves as a nice over all look at a third of the settlement.

This was believed to have been another area that housed a massive chamber similar to the Oracle Chamber. It actually sits along side the Oracle Chamber and seems to have been more open.

It probably would not have been destroyed if it have been a mound like the Oracle Chamber.



Here is a close up of the huge stone slab that served as the roof of this chamber. On the left of this photo you can see the original stone wall of the chamber. It is very plain to see the difference between the original masson's work and the more contemporary reconstructionist's work throughout the site.

The people who built this settlement were extreemly skilled in working with stone and wet weather environments.



The Fallen Chambers


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