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#1 The Dolmen Area

This chamber lies just to the left of the dolmen photo on the right. It might be a little hard to see, but we think we captured the movement of a spirit in this picture. The numbers indicate the movements location. The shape of the thing is identical in all three locations, but grows larger as it nears the photographer. Nothing special was done with this picture any differently than any of the others and the lens was clean. So, who knows?!

At any rate, this chamber is a part of the dolmen portion of this structure. It too is backed by a stone wall that runs down the center of the this center portion of the ruins.




In the front of this stone wall rest a dolmen or table type structure. This dolmen is called Mensal Stone. It is believed to weigh 6-8 tons. Behind this wall is the Upper Henge Cottage area. Originally this slab was much larger, but you can see the three marks where the drill bits were used by the quarrymen to split the slab.

Though so much of the rock has been removed, it is easy to picture a structure like the woodhenge below covering this whole area.





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