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#5 The Upper Henge

This portion of the settlement has been altared because of quarrymen looting. It is believed three quarters of the stones from this area are missing.

It seems that there once were several structures in this spot that would have severed as housing for the settlement. It would have looked similar to the picture below.





Most of the walls from this cottage, up above, are now gone. What remains is a large stone slab that probably served as the fireplace or a stone bed.

Below are the remains of a wall that once supported another cottage. The stone on the bottom are from the original massons and the ones on the top are from more recent attempts to reconstruct the wall.


This chamber lies just below the photo to the left. There are two chambers side-by-side. The enterance into this area is too the right. Directly across from this chamber is a small chamber. It is unknown what these chambers were used for. We speculate animal quarters, human quarters or storage. These chambers lie at the top and begining of the Large Wall. They are quite impressive as they are built with massive slabs of granite.


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