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#1 The Altar Area

You cannot help but gulp when you see the enormity of the altar stone. The altar stone is pictured below on the right. There is a groove carved all the way around the top of the stone. This groove served as a drain for the blood to be captured.

Behind the Altar area is the mound that lays on top of the Oracle Chamber. The voice tube from the Oracle Chamber exists to the surface below this huge altar stone. It is thought to have ritualistic purposes.

To take the above photo, we stood on top of the Large Wall, in a place refered to as the "Safricial Table's Viewing Ramp."




The Altar stone weighs 4.5 tons and is positioned on legs made of stones stacked for height and elevated for drainage. It has a dolmen appearance to it.

This walled area where the Altar stone rests was believed to have been a holding area for animals. And, yet with the discovery of the voice tube which connects the Oracle chamber with the Altar stone area, it seems there might have been ritualistic sacrifices here as well.





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